NetAupair's Finest Family Services

Once registered, create a family profile so that Au Pairs can find you and notify you of their interest in you for work. Simply click as a family registration on the section.

NetAupair will send you your password to the email address you specify in registration. You will use your email address and password to sign in each time you visit NetAupair. You can change your password or your email address at any time under the "My Account" menu at the top of every page.

Once you are signed in, you may click "My FastMatch" located under the "My Account" menu at the top of every page. FastMatch will match your profile against all aupair profiles in the database and provide you with a list of candidates who meet 90 percent or more of your preferences.

You can notify aupairs to let them know you are interested in them by adding them to your Hot List. Each time you add someone to your Hot List they will receive an email with your profile details. The Add to My Hot List button, found below every aupair summary that shows up in your search or FastMatch results.

If you have any aupair or nanny profile open, there is a link in the Action Items section on the left-hand column that says, "Add to Hot List". When you click on either the "add" button or the text link, the aupair will be notified of your interest in them by receipt of an email with your profile summary.

Using our hotlist tool with all the power it delivers, it allows you to manage your list of favorite aupairs and communicate with them via auto-responses and group email functions. Your Hot List also allows you to see which aupairs have added you to their Hot Lists.

Once you have found an au pair that interests you, it would be to your advantage to pay to become a Member in order to obtain the contact information for all aupairs on the site. Being a Member allows you to quickly and easily take control of finding the right au pair for your family within your timeframe. The membership fee for 90 days is US$120 and the membership fee for 30 days is US$60. The 90-day membership is actually more economical in the long run as it works out to be only $40 per month.

Once you've made contact with several au pairs, determined visa requirements, thoroughly checked their references and decided on the au pair you wish to hire, be clear about your requirements, salary, timing, etc. and extend an offer to the au pair.

Tips for a successful relationship with your aupair

  1. You must always allow the aupair to adjust to your surroundings, culture, language as she is new to the country. He/She is your family member and you must accept his/her habits as they are now away from their homes and are living a new life in a new country. To the aupair, this is a new experience, give it some time. Tender Love and Care goes a long way.
  2. Be specific about the aupair’s responsibilities and schedule. An aupair wants to find a family that can be trusted and who won’t take advantage of her/him.
  3. Be clear about your expectations and if something is not going as you had hoped, talk to your aupair. Nine times out of ten, most situations can be resolved through open and loving communication.
  4. Be fair to your aupair as they are the same people who have needs just like yourself, food, water, time for themselves, be polite and respect them that you will also benefit from the same.
  5. The aupair tries be blend into the family and may have trouble speaking the language clearly and there is plenty of room for misunderstanding in the beginning, hence you must try to understand the aupair just as they try to understand your needs.