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You may spend a month or more looking for the right au pair or family. You want to get the most qualified candidates for the money you spend. The netaupair web site is easy to navigate and is designed to help you quickly find exactly what you want. If you ever need help or if you have a question, we are here to help you. You can call us or send us an email and we will assist you.

If the quality of your online experience is important to you, then netaupair.com is an easy choice. We provide a knowledgeable support staff to assist you through the process of finding your aupair and we're here to address questions or issues that arise throughout your search. If quality of service and support are important to you, then you will easily recognize the value of netaupair and understand that we offer a higher-end service than any competitor.

netaupair was created in response to an overwhelming demand for a smarter, more efficient system for matching au pairs with families worldwide. netaupair offers a clear and intuitive way for host families and aupairs to easily find the best match.

Every brand has a story and we build it for you!

Quality and value are the most important reasons to choose netaupair. Do not decide on price alone. All au pair agencies and web sites are not equal. You are not just paying for contact information. Quality of service and our knowledgeable support staff make the difference in providing you a superior experience.

netaupair offers you the best in Selection, Service, Quality and Support.

  • Register free! and try us before you pay anything
  • Thousands of qualified au pairs and families worldwide
  • Fresh, active database, 100+ new members each day
  • Daily FastMatch emails that provide a 90%+ match
  • Free, instant Hot List email notifications
  • Dedicated, responsive telephone and email support team
  • The netaupair web site is very intuitive and easy to use
  • The netaupair web site is fast and reliable
  • Full-service agency support available

netaupair brings together the critical factors that help you easily make the right decision the first time. netaupair helps restore peace and balance to family life by enabling more efficient and accurate matches between aupairs and families.

Fee Structure

It's free to be a Guest at NetAupair. Search for profiles at no cost to you, Your 30-day membership will allow you to use our site to get acquainted with our functions.

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Aupair Salary

There are several important factors to consider when defining the salary for your aupair. And you should know the value of what you'll get before you pay for it.

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Profile Showcase

NetAupair's Home Page Showcase is the jewel of our location available on the Internet for advertising AuPair positions. Your showcase section and page will link directly to your...

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Advertise With Us

For ad placement opportunities on NetAupair.com, please send an email to webmaster@netaupair.com and provide us with your name, company, phone number

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See Our Testimonals

Netaupair has helped Families, Au Pairs find their wonderful match for families in the USA and other countries. Here's a breakdown of what they have conveyed about us...

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Avoid Scams

If you receive an email with the following message: "IMPORTANT - YOUR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT WASN'T CORRECT !!!" This is not a legitimate Netaupair email message...

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