Aupair Salary

There are several important factors to consider when defining the salary for your aupair. And you should know the value of what you'll get before you pay for it.

Salary is not dependent on the need of the individual, rather on the value they provide based on their experience. Remember that the starting salary for a live-in aupair as defined by the US State Department is US$139.05 and in the UK it is less: £40-55. Simply because an aupair asks for a certain rate does not necessarily mean it is deserved. Salary should be earned based on demonstrated performance and current value. And market values change based on economic conditions.

The au pair salary information below is intended to provide a guide. It is taken from official government websites of the countries listed, and was last updated in October 2005. Families should of course always check the au pair salary guidelines for their own country, and not rely on the au pair information below which is merely intended to be helpful.

Australia AUD180 - AUD220 per week
Austria €50 - €60 per week
Belgium €450 a month
Canada $5 to $7 per hour
Denmark At least €335 per month
France €240 to €300 per month
Germany €200 to €210 per month
Ireland €50-€75 per week
Italy €60-€65 per week
Netherlands €340 per month
New Zealand AU$250 per week
Norway Must be no less then NOK 3000 ($461) per month
Spain €50-€60 per week
Switzerland CHF500 - CHF800 per month
United Kingdom £55 per week
United States $139.05 per week